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Arrogance destroys glory, arrogance is a deadly disease than cancer, funny enough, you might be arrogant but you will not know that is why you need to watch this list carefully and observe whichever ways you are proud and work on yourself and Change.

 1. If you cannot submit yourself to higher authority.

Every community has an authority, they set the rules and laws and ensure that everyone in that particular community abide by all the rules and regulations, so failure to comply even when not guilty is a sign of arrogance. Thinking that you are beyond the authority.

2. If you find it difficult to accept corrections.

Among the biggest signs of arrogance is that, rejecting corrections. Some people exhibit the habit of not taking correction from other people, especially if they think they are supreme to that particular people. They won't accept the correction even if they knew it's the real fact.

3. If you are too big to say “sorry”.

Another one. A lot of relationship nowadays suffers because of I'm sorry. People can't apologize for their mistakes even if they knew they are wrong. I don't think saying sorry may reduce anything out of someone's body( that's my thought)

 4. If you think that your success or achievements are based on your efforts.

Some people are always thinking that, their current situation (success) is because of their efforts only. But the truth is that no one succeeds alone. If you achieve a certain peak, Praise God and appreciate those surrounds you during your difficult moments

5. If you don’t have respect for people.

Lack of respect is among the biggest signs of arrogance too. You have cars, houses, shops, you are an executive, honorable, etc. It's not your all round effort that take you there. Those people you disrespect plays a vital role in your achievements, so respect them and give them the necessary help. Don't be arrogant!

6. If you are always feeling superior to others.

Stop feeling superior to others, the position you are shouldn't warrant you that. If you are today, definitely tomorrow you are not.

 7. If you always want to control or dominate others.

Some people think they can or want to control people even without their consent, it's a sign of arrogance. Don't feel like you must dominate people, stay at your lane and people will respect you for that

 8. If you think that you are better than other people.

People are different, thinking that you are better than anyone is not a good thing, just keep focus, if you are better than them, you don't need to show

 9. If you cannot work under those with lesser qualifications.

Our problem so far. U may see a person with only secondary school certificate managing a whole company, but an MSC holder jobless. Don't mind the certificate my friend, mind your situation and stop being arrogant

 10. If you are always angry at those who correct you.

Hating those telling you the truth is arrogance, accept your mistakes and people will even respect you for that

 11. If you avoid those who criticize you.

Avoiding criticism is right, but never avoid those criticizing you. They may criticize you for good

 12. If you feel too big to learn.

Here is arrogance at its peak. Feeling too big to learn. This happen as a result of people teaching are below you in a particular field. But what is there is, u can never be too big to learn irrespective of who is that teacher as long as he will teach you the right thing

 13. If you feel ashamed to ask questions about what you don’t know.

This somehow complicate people, some are not actually feeling shy, they think that particular person is not worth listening to

 14. If you are always bragging about your achievements/connections.

This is where no one will argue. Some people brag about their achievements, and connections to only those that are below them. If you really want to brag then brag to your boss and see what will happen

 15. If you don’t consider it necessary to say “thank you” to those who help you.

Exactly, some people think they were helped because of who they are, so they won't tell the person who helped them thank you, thinking that he didn't deserve it

 16. If you think that nobody knows more than you.

Another great form of arrogance. Thinking that you know it all. And nobody knows it all.

 17. If you think that you cannot make mistakes.

Same thing here. Mistake is a habit that everyone possess, so never think that you can't make a mistake, maybe because you are a professional in a field. Mistake is real, not accepting it is arrogance

 18. If you think that you know everything in life

How on earth can someone think that he knows it all? At least this is even against any religion I ever knew

 19. When you look at those who helped you to get to the top as nothing.

This is far beyond arrogance, taking people who helped you in your difficult times as nothing

 20. When you refused to appreciate those who have been a blessing to your life even when you have over enough to do so.

Appreciate them or not, deep down inside you knew that you won't achieve that milestone. They are blessing in your life. Appreciate them and move forward, depreciate them, you are arrogant.

Say your comments and let's see how we can stop arrogance in our society

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