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There are many different forms of pampering, and they may be strange.

 In Britain, the are two dogs of the "Chihuahua and the Pichon" family receive special and different care from their British owner, Leon Galler.


She takes care of every detail of their life from food and drinks to their clothes and accessories, and in a newly published report, the 53-year-old Lyon spent about $ 25,000 on her three-year-old Romeo and Four-year-old  Pichon.

 She says in her interview with the British newspaper, The Sun, that she spends the equivalent of $ 100 on delicious pet food every month, or more than that. Not only that, but there are also regular and regular shaving sessions, which are worth $ 56, which are of  Basic and necessary matters for dogs.

 This is not all, but the British lady disclosed that there are $ 360 spent on their clothes made from the best and best fabrics, in the form of Kashmir and silk fabric coloured with crystal from the Swarovski commercial market.

 There is still more, the lady says that dogs do not prefer drinking tap water so she buys canned sparkling water and eats steak daily.

 There is a lot of criticism coming to her for what she does with the dogs, but the British lady who lives with her family in Rochester County, in the city of Kent, says she does not care about what is being said about their way of spending money on their spoiled dogs, saying: "I will always do  The best for my dogs, and as long as we have the money, what is the objection? We do not spend as much on ourselves as we do about our dogs. ”

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