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Wrong hand washing can make a person unprotected to germs, so be sure to follow the correct method for washing hands. In this article, we will try to explain the 5 errors you can do while washing your hands, so try to avoid them as much as possible.

Not washing your hands for long enough.

A recent study by Michigan State University found that 95% of people do not wash their hands long enough to kill germs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the period of washing hands with soap and water should last 20 seconds.

So it's advisable to child and adults to exercise patience for the minimum of 20 seconds.

Washing palm of the hand.

If you rub the soap only between the palms of your hands and then wash them, your hands will likely remain loaded with germs. Raj noted that germs like to hide under nails and between fingers, so be sure to clean these areas well every time you wash your hands.

Not drying hands

Did you know that the most effective methods of washing hands become useless if they are not dehydrated? According to Raj, the germs love to multiply in a wet environment, so leaving your hands without drying them makes you accessible to germs picking up immediately after coming into contact with any surface.

If you have the opportunity to choose between a dryer and paper towels, choose the paper towels. A study has found that paper towels overtake dryers in drying hands properly without pouring germs or

Dry skin.

 washing hands after using the toilet

Whenever you touch a public surface, such as elevator buttons, a door handle, and an ATM  you are at risk of catching germs or bacteria. Most people wash their hands after using the toilet, Raj said, while hands should be washed regularly throughout the day, especially during the flu season.

Using hot water

Mothers usually advise their children to wash their hands with hot, soapy water, but this advice can be ignored. Raj noted that many believe that hot water kills germs because cold and warm water does the same job. In fact, cold and warm water is much better, especially for the skin.

following the above-noted prevention, steps can assist you to be in good health.

Frequently Hausa people are saying

" prevention is better than treatment ".

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