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CIES Football Observatory sort out the list of the most expensive football players in the world during 2020, which depend on the computation of the market value of each of player.

 According to sports announcements, the French star Killian Mbappe, the player of Paris Saint-Germain, managed to seize the top  of the list this year, and far behind the closest players to him, with a market value of 259.2 million euros.

 Followed by Rahim Stirling, Manchester City's player, who ranked second with a market value of 194.7 million euros, then followed by Jadon Sancho, Borussia Dortmund's German player, with a market value of 179.1 million euros.

 The first 10 places on the list also included the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the player of Liverpool, who came in sixth place with a market value of 144.9 million euros.

 Though the previous period witnessed a substantial decline in the market value of so many football Heroes, due  to the outbreak of the new Covid19  which led to the suspension of football leagues around the world.

 For example, the Bercelona player  Lionel Messi, fall down to the 21st place, with a market value of 100.1 million euros, while the Brazilian star Neymar, player of Paris Saint-Germain, came in 36th with a market value of 82.7 million  euro.

  The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the player from Juventus,  came in the 70th place, with a market value of 62.8 million euros.

Though he is first billionaire in the football history!.

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