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US media have revealed that Secret Service agents in the White House moved US President Donald Trump to a secret underground location in the White House after protests escalated outside the White House.

 The killing of George Floyd sparked a number of angry protests in America that lasted for several continuous days before American cities announced a curfew in an attempt to control the violence spreading in the streets.

 Floyd appeared in a video of his detention in Minneapolis state, circulating on the Internet, talking to the policeman putting his knee over his neck and telling him that he could not breathe to die after a period of the arrest.

 The US Fox News said White House officials declined to comment on the news, which was first published by The New York Times.

 White House spokesperson Judd Dair confirmed that he would not comment on any news related to security protocols and measures.

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Nafiu :  Trump seems to have failed America and Americans. How does he expect to win the next general elections in the United States?