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Since US General Motors is still testing the new presidential car that will carry the name Cadillac One, US President Donald Trump is currently moving around with the presidential car that entered service 7 years ago and that was used by former President Barack Obama.

 This scary $ 2 million car bears the name of The Best monster from the prestigious Cadillac industry and has exceptional features that you can't even find in other presidential cars.

 Cadillac supplied the monster with live ammunition, emergency oxygen tanks, a night vision camera, as well as a special coating that is able to resist bullets, chemical attacks and bombs, as well as the lamination it has.

 The monster car contains tires reinforced with Kevlar fibres that protect the tires from the explosion, and the wheels can walk a long distance in the event of a loss of air pressure from them, and were also provided with new and developed communications means making it a mobile operating room through which the country can be managed.

 One report indicated that President Trump's car weighs 8 tons, and the thickness of armoured doors is 8 inches, and the doors contain bulletproof windows and most types of explosives and do not open at all except the driver's window, and it is equipped with a 6.6-litre V8 engine.

 Aurus Senat

 Russian President Vladimir Putin received his new car named Aurus Senat a few months ago and it is a Russian industry of the Cortez class and was developed by the Central Scientific Research Institute for cars and Russian auto engines, and it is equipped with a 4.4-litre V8 engine developed inside the institute in cooperation with the   German company Porsche.

 This scary $ 119 million car replaced the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman that Putin was using in his official commute, and it was reported that Putin was personally supervising the process of developing and manufacturing it and that he had requested a set of features to be present in it.

 Like the Trump car, the Russian President's car enjoyed special specifications that made it an exceptional car of impressive design and modernity.

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