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We often heat the leftovers to eat the next day without thinking about what happens to this food after it has cooled down.

Some types of foods and after first cooking them may not be heated. Learn about a menu that turns into a deadly poison when reheating.

Spinach, for example, is one of the most prominent foods that should not be reheated, because it contains large amounts of iron, which is involved in many reactions when reheated, so it becomes a deadly poison, according to a number of scientific studies.

Among the foods that must be eaten freshly white rice, after it has been cooked it cannot be reheated because the rice allows the formation of a type of bacteria that does not die upon heating again.

While it is possible to reheat the chicken only once after it has been cooked, it is not possible to put raw chicken with cooked chicken to prevent the transmission of a large number of bacteria and bacteria harmful to the body.

Potatoes are foods that should not be heated again, especially when adding salt to them, as it can cause a lot of stomach and digestion problems, as well as for olive oil that cannot withstand high temperatures and should not be put on fire for long periods.

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