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An image circulated widely on social media platforms respected and appreciated in London, and made many wonders about the story as it was described as the image that shocked the world.

The image that was circulated showed an African American man carrying a white man, who has injured during the demonstrations of the "Black Life Matter in London that started against the killing of George Floyd.

It was published In the Guardian, that the white man named Brian Mill, who worked as an officer in the British Transport Police, appeared in the photograph carried on the shoulder of Patrick Hutchinson, an African-American sports coach.

The report disclosed that the reason behind the photo is that sports coach Hutchinson tried to remove Mill from the scene of the demonstration, after being hit in the head and blood started bleeding from his head.

Officer Mill was participating in the demonstration of the far-right in order to protect the memorials, in conjunction with another demonstration of the Black Life matter" clashes erupted between the participants in the demonstrations.

The Guardian reported that Mill was 55 years old, a retired officer from the British Transport Police in the capital, London, in September 2014, and had worked as a police investigator in recent months before retiring.

 A relative of the injured officer conveyed the thanks to the rescuer and announced that Mill too will convey his thank to the person who saved his life provided he's healed.

Coach Savior Hutchinson told the Guardian newspaper that the picture was taken of him carrying the wounded man a tendency to safety "emphasizes the unity of society in combating manifestations of racism."

The killing of George Floyd, an African American man, by the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sparked a wave of protests in the United States and abroad under the slogan "Black lives matter."

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