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The Example of Malam Nadaniya For The Leaders of Nowadays to copy History entails future, present and past events, it was made especially by strong and wise personalities. An educationist, administrator, philanthropist and humble politician in the person of Alhaji Abubakar Nadaniya was among those who were lucky to write their name in the anal of history. It’s on recorded that, Alhaji Nadaniya was born in the heart of Birnin Kebbi the present capital of Kebbi state in the 1941. Like other children born to Muslim parents he was taken to Islamic school at tender age for rudimentary Islamic knowledge. He started his primary education in 1950, from there he proceeded to Maru teachers college from 1959-1961. He was also enrolled into Sokoto teachers college where he obtained Grade II certificate between 1970- 1973. Malam as he was called by all, attended Ahmadu Bello university Zariya (AMTC) institute of administration. His thirst for education also propelled him to attend Usman Danfodio University Sokoto for his B.A Ed in 1987. Malam Nadaniya started his working career as a primary school teacher in 1962. He was school headmaster at various places before transferring his service to secondary school as teacher later to principal. He was also appointed as senior education officer in charge of student’s affairs ministry of education of old Sokoto state. Malam once was a zonal inspector of education in several places and this service spanned the old Sokoto state and at home (Kebbi state) when it was created in 1991. In 1992, he was ranked to the position of deputy director higher and teacher education. In 1995 he transferred to planning, research and statistics department at the same capacity of deputy director. A great motivator and his accomplishment in education policy formulation facilitated him to become education secretary Gwandu LGEA in 1988. His leadership qualities earned him recognitions from the people of Birnin Kebbi local government where they called him to join politics, he contested the chairmanship and won. During his tenure as chairman Birnin Kebbi local government he bought a lots of transformation to the area, to mention few of them; construction of Kola- Badariya road, construction Marafa B/K drainage, construction of Nasaraw II drainage, rehabilitation of Road T/Wada B/construction of Kardi district head’s residence, construction of clinic at Gamagira, construction of Junju dispensary, construction M/Gandu dispensary, construction of B/Tasha B/Kebbi dispensary and erosion control in takalafiya, construction of open dug well to the fallowing villages; Lagga, Janzoma, Randali, Tunari, D/Gago, U/Sani, construction of Matankari dispensary, construction of Wuro Maliki dispensary, construction of Albani dispensary, construction of Babban Duitsi dispensary, construction of Kwartagi dispensary construction of ten market open shops, construction of fifteen luck up market shops, construction of Tarasa cemetery, construction of Huda cemetery, construction of M/ Gandu library, construction of M/ Layya friary school 3 class rooms block, construction of Randali mosque, construction G/Gaji mosque, construction cattle rout Dukkut, rehabilitation of water system service and overhead tank B/Kebbi , purchased of two tractors B/Kebbi, renovation of Badariya abattoir house, construction of two city gates of Birnin Kebbi metropolis, construction of Gulumbe district head residence, rehabilitation of quarters. In addition to the above, he constructed a primary school in Birnin Kebbi which named after him NADANIYA MODEL PRIMARY SCHOOL he also employed about 250 unemployed youths to accolade the state and federal government efforts of reducing poverty and political theory among youths, provision of scholarship to over 300 students learning in the higher institutions, provision of social amenities to communities of the local governed, being ALGON chairman he was able to bridged the gap between state government and local government areas in the state, to date he plays a vital role of philanthropist to the masses. It's worthy to know that all the aforementioned projects were done within a single tenure of three (3) years. Considering his vast experience on education Malam appointed S. A on the universal basic education (UBE), he was also nominated by the federal ministry of education to serve as a member of the governing council of the university of Calaba. He is a member of the all farmers association of (Nigeria (AFAN) Kebbi state chapter. He is recipient of numerous awards from variuos communites , youths and students’ sociation. Such as; Best history student class of ‘58’ of Maru teachers training college, best hokey player in the same college , Best history student class of ‘76’ of Sokoto college of education, National orintation merit award, certificate of honous by Gwandu emirate developmet authority, National institution of public relation merit award, Best local govermnt chairman in community project execution in 2000 awarded by his excellency Alhaji Muhammdu Adamu Aliero, Best outstanding local goverment chairman year 2000 by Kebbi state government, FSP state award for excellence performance in one year of meticous service to humanity, The under 13 Nigeria football cup won by the local government under 13 taem under his administration and emir of Gwnadu’s cup won by B/K local governmt under his administration To cap it all, Malam Nadaniya was turbaned as Tafida by Ubandoma Hanafi Sa'ad.Thus, we call on the leaders of the nowerdays to peruse the example of this great man so as to emulate through the legacies laid by him, may good God bless Nigeria with good leaders.
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