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 There is a lot of talk about the reasons for preventing the planes from flying over the Kaaba in the Holy City of Mecca, but according to one of the specialists in aviation affairs in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Hassan Al-Ghamdi, the true reasons for this ban are logical, but there are false accounts.

 Al-Ghamdi, who identified himself as a flight supervisor, published the true reasons behind the planes not being allowed to cross over the holy city of Mecca.

 Initially, al-Ghamdi denied the reasons that say that there is a magnetic field above Mecca that prevents planes from flying, or the presence of air gaps that constitute a defect in the layers of the air and prevent the flight of planes.

 Al-Ghamdi talked about the most important reason, which is that Mecca is a mountainous region, and therefore it is relatively close to the extent of the flight of the planes, which may cause inconvenience and great confusion for those performing the rituals of Umrah or Hajj.

 Al-Ghamdi added that the Sacred Mosque area in Makkah is forbidden to fly because the Great Mosque of Mecca is for Muslims, and it is known that in Makkah there are land entrances designated for Muslims only, and the matter applies to the airspace over the holy area.

 It is well known that Mecca does not include an airport, as those performing pilgrims and laser  pilgrims arrive by air at the Jeddah airport or Madinah Airport.

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