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The Senate Committee on Public Accounts on Wednesday asked the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) about an alleged loss of $ 3.3 billion

 (about 1.2 trillion N). This amount was said to be non-computed from the $ 21.3 billion transferred to the main bank by the Federal Internal Revenue Service (FIRS) as a foreign tax in 2015. The query was sent by the Federation's Auditor General to the Senate Committee. The auditor general wrote in the query that while FIRS recorded $ 21.3 billion in sum raised as a foreign tax in 2015 from CBN, the primary bank, on the other hand, recorded it as $ 18 billion. But the representative of the bank, his deputy governor (corporate affairs), Edward Adamu, explained that the differences in the numbers are due to changes in the exchange rate. He explained that "the amount of $ 3.3 billion is not lost or has not been rectified, but the difference is due to changes in exchange rates over time." But the committee objected to this. The Chairman of the Committee, Matthew Uruguid (People's Democratic Party, Edo), instructed the bank to re-appear before the Committee next Monday with documents clarifying the details of the differences in the exchange rate. After the session, Mr Urugidi explained to reporters: "While the FIRS record showed $ 21.3 billion, the records of the main bank showed $ 18 billion." He added: “When the CBN was asked about the reason for the differences in the amount, the apex bank suspended its argument about the exchange rate, as a result of this the bank officials are instructed to provide supporting documents if they have. “There were 13 queries regarding CBN. Today, some clarify while some are not adequately explained, especially the difference of $ 3.3 billion earned from the $ 21.3 billion in foreign taxes transferred by FIRS.” Meanwhile,e The commission summoned the  Nigerian army, police and Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) officials to appear next Tuesday because of alleged unaudited accounts for several years.

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Sani Alkali:  This is traditional way by some segment of government to just divert attention of Nigerians only, but not for fighting corruption. Similar this was occurred, but nothing was done.