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A comparison between the presidential cars of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin!. -

Since US General Motors is still testing the new presidential car that will carry the name Cadillac One, US President President President President President Donald Trump is currently moving around with the presidential car that entered service 7 years ago...

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Meet a lady who spends 9500,000 Naira on her dogs. -

There are many different forms of pampering, and they may be strange.

 In Britain, the are two dogs of the "Chihuahua "Chihuahua "Chihuahua "Chihuahua "Chihuahua and the Pichon" family receive special and different care from their British owner, Leon Galler.


She takes...

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A picture that shocks the world. -

An image circulated widely on social media platforms respected and appreciated in London, and made many wonders about the story story story story story as it was described as the image that shocked the world.

The image that was circulated showed...

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20 ways to know if you are arrogant -

Opera News Nigeria

Only for Opera News fans.




Arrogance destroys glory, arrogance is a deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly disease than cancer, funny enough, you might be arrogant but you will not know that is...

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Poverty and unemployment. Who is to be blamed -
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The most expensive football players in the world. -

CIES Football Observatory sort out the list of the most expensive football players in the world during 2020, which depend depend depend depend depend on the computation of the market value of each of player.

 According to sports announcements, the French...

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China new technology: One hundred thousand Ducks to replace one hundred thousand Soldiers at the Battlefield. -

China has agreed to assist Pakistan to fight a serious threat by dispatching a military of 100,000 ducks.

According to the the the the the British newspaper, Metro, the Chinese duck army will go to Pakistan, to fight against the locust...

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Breaking: Saudi Arabia imposes new rules to enter mosques on Friday. -

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the development of the regulations for re opening opening opening opening opening mosques in all city's of the Kingdom, excluding for Jeddah and Makkah.

The ministry says in a...

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CBN waives requirements for COVID19 loan. - The Nigerian Central Bank (CBN) has waived the requirement to provide guarantor by families and small and medium-scale companies applying applying applying applying applying for its COVID-19 target of 50 billion credit facility. Apex Bank announced this yesterday on...

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Saudi Prince dies of coronavirus. -

One day after the death of a Saudi prince infected with coronavirus, a medical source revealed that some members of of of of of the royal family are undergoing treatment in hospital and their private villas after their health deteriorates...

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IPOB is planning a Coup. -

We have already destroyed Nigeria.

 The IPOB indigenous leader in Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, responded to a  statement by the presidential presidential presidential presidential presidential on the international activities of the Ipob.

  Nnamdi Kanu said that his group had already destroyed...

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The Nigerian government seized a private plane purchased by Dan Etete -

The Nigerian government seized a private plane purchased by Dan etete, the former oil minister, with some of the alleged alleged alleged alleged alleged revenue from the $ 1.3 billion Malabo oil deal. Nigerian lawyer Babatunde Ullabudi “Bodhi” Johnson confiscated...

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Military airstrikes destroy bandits Cams, weapons in Zamfara. -

Military airstrikes demolish bandits camps and weapons in Zamfara.

 Nigerian armed forces said that airstrikes carried out by the Hadrian Daji Daji Daji Daji Daji air operation destroyed the bandit's camps and their weapons in Tsibirin and Manya in an area...

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Christiano Ronaldo is the first billionaire in the history of football. -

Forris Magazine reported that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has officially become the first soccer player in history to be awarded awarded awarded awarded awarded a billionaire title, after his wealth reached one billion dollars.

 Ronaldo's fortune reaches...

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Mass resignation in the American police department. -

A police unit of 57 officers in the Buffalo Police Department resigned from their special duties on Friday (5 June) June) June) June) June) after two of its members suspended for a 75-year-old protester's injury in the George Floyd march.


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Most read:Yawning a lot may be a risk sign!. -
Do Mosquitoes and Flies transmit corona virus?:A question that confused a doctors mind. -
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Most read:Yawning a lot may be a Sign of Risk!. -

Excessive yawning is what happens more than once per minute, and although people yawn due to several reasons such as as as as as feeling sleepy or bored, excessive yawning may be a symptom of an underlying health problem behind...

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Why can"t planes fly over the holy Ka'aba. -

 There is a lot of talk about the reasons for preventing the planes from flying over the Kaaba in the the the the the Holy City of Mecca, but according to one of the specialists in aviation affairs in Saudi...

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Do you know how many times the Hajj has been cancelled?. -
President buhari confirmed the appointment of Dr Ngozi okonjo iweala. -

The former Nigerian Finance Minister and Minister of Coordination for the Economy during former president Good luck Jonathan's administration,  Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has been assigned for the post of Director-General of the World Trade Organization. A...

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The most beautiful countries in the world. -
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police arrested a young man named wasiu bankole for raping a - 70-old woman in ogun state -
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Senate queries cbn over $ 3.3 billion unremitted. -

The Senate Committee on Public Accounts on Wednesday asked the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) about an alleged loss of of of of of $ 3.3 billion

 (about 1.2 trillion N). This amount was said to be non-computed from the $...

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the example of Nadaniya for Nigerian leaders to copy - The Example of Malam Nadaniya For The Leaders of Nowadays to copy History entails future, present and past events, it it it it it was made especially by strong and wise personalities. An educationist, administrator, philanthropist and humble politician in...

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Israel facing a hazard economic crisis in its history. -

Israel is “facing one among the best economic crises in its history”, a new study has found 40 per-cent of of of of of its population struggling to buy their basic needs.

The expert finding was made...

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Five foods that should not be reheated. -

We often heat the leftovers to eat the next day without thinking about what happens to this food after it it it it it has cooled down.

Some types of foods and after first cooking them...

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Did you know five mistakes you can make when washing your hands? -

Wrong hand washing can make a person unprotected to germs, so be sure to follow the correct method for washing washing washing washing washing hands. In this article, we will try to explain the 5 errors you can do while...

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Do you know when and where the world's first paper currency was issued. -

Paper money or paper currency was printed after the ancient world used a barter system to obtain its needs through through through through through the exchange of goods. On February 26, 1797, Britain issued the world's first banknote, which was...

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Did you know there is a tribe who looks like devils?. -

 Could you believe that there are people who look like devils one-man marries ten woman.

They live in Indonesia and eat eat eat eat eat animal meat and sometimes "humans"

  One of the most mysterious tribes in Asia, specifically in Indonesia; ...

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Trump moved to a secret underground location in white House. -

US media have revealed that Secret Service agents in the White House moved US President Donald Donald Donald Donald Donald Trump to a secret underground location in the White House after protests escalated outside the White...

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see how bajao tribe lives underwater like a fish. -

  James Morgan, from the UK, is studying photography in London and an anthropologist.

 His work, which forced him to the the the the the beach, to live in the frozen seas, and made him reach the story of a people...

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A wife demand that her husband be imprisoned for failing to pay 105,000 Egyptian pounds to feeds his children. -

A wife demands that her husband be imprisoned for failing to pay 105,000  to feed his children. 

The wife of a a a a a custody lawsuit filed a lawsuit against her husband before the Family Court in New Cairo, for...

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For the first time in Russia a cat infected with Corona virus. -

The Russian Veterinary Supervisory Authority announced the confirmation of the first infection with the Corona virus in a cat in in in in in the country.

 The deputy head of the commission, Nikolai Vlasov, said today, Wednesday, according to the Russian...

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Seven (7) ways to use the Phone cause Cancer. -

A mobile device or a mobile phone is one of the most common devices that are used today, today, today, today, today, around the clock, but many do not know the risk resulting from some incorrect use of...

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An Arab country which is close to China in Technology. -

 Kuwait was able to build a field hospital in three days to face the new coronary epidemic Corona.

 The Corona.

 The Corona.

 The Corona.

 The Corona.

 The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced the completion of a field hospital in Al-Tadamun Sports Club in...

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Messi and Ramos leave for free due to covid19. -

Messi and Ramos leave for free because of Corona.

 Can you imagine Sergio Ramos or Lionel Messi leaving Real Madrid and and and and and Barcelona for free because of salary cuts?  Something that was unthinkable just a few months ago.


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Trump: We will "take very strong" action against china this week. -

 US President Donald Trump said Tuesday, May 26, that he is preparing for a very strong move against against against against against China this week.

 Trump's talk of taking action against China comes because of its efforts to impose...

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The support for legitimacy coalition downs planes running within the direction of Saudi Arabian by houthi militia. -

Col. Turki al-Maliki, the spokesman for the "Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen" forces, announced that today, Wednesday, May 27, 27, 27, 27, 27, the coalition forces were ready to intercept and shoot down drones launched by the Iranian-backed Houthi...

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Another Billionaire from Anambra Launches Airline (Photos) -

Another Billionaire from Anambra Launches Airline (Photos)